Glenaire Pet Friendly Cottages On The Great Ocean Road

A Word On Communication

Please be aware that mobile telephones are subject to communication blackspots due to mountainous terrain and forest.

A new Teslstra 4G tower was erected recently providing excellent service at Glenaire for Telstra customers, but offering limited or no service to Optus, Vodaphone and other subscribers.

We have a limited satellite service that is restricted to a specific amount of data. However, we do strive to make  small parcels of data available, at our cost, for guests whose devices are incapable of receiving messages and therefore denied access to  important  information and emergency apps such as the very valuable Victorian Emergency App.  We recommend that all travellers download this app, create a watch zone relevant to whatever area they intend to visit and have it available at all times.

If you require assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to ask us.

We must make it abundantly clear however, that we are in a remote area and are only allocated a restricted amount of data. Therefore, we physically cannot provide unlimited data for the downloading of movies and music as is possible in the city or with personally acquired storage devices such as aircards and dongles.

Another app you may find handy when planning your drives is  VicTraffic This app will keep you up to date on road closures, traffic alerts, roadworks etc.

We invite you to enjoy the relaxed country life while still being in touch with the hubbub you left behind.

Stay Safe,

Neil & Bo.